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The Seattle King County Association of REALTORS Young Professionals Network (SKCR YPN) is a group of passionate individuals coming together to inject a sense of fun and energy into the local Realtor community. We are the next generation of up-and-coming professionals in our industry and we are dedicated to helping shape the future of our community on a number of levels.

We aim to provide our members and affiliates with a diverse offering of events, from educational seminars to happy hours, sporting activities to black tie galas, and more. The members of the YPN Board strive to create an atmosphere that fosters fun, education, and networking opportunities.

When a group of Realtors gets together at one of our events, they shouldn't all look at each other as “the competition”…rather we should get to know each other on a more personal level and pave the way for smooth future transactions down the road. It is often said that negotiations begin the moment you meet someone, not the moment you start working on a transaction together. In that spirit, YPN is dedicated to fostering relationships amongst our peer group.

Please keep an eye on our events calendar, and we encourage you to attend as many of our upcoming events as you can. We are confident that you will find it is time well spent, and hope that you come up with something valuable that you can take away from the experience each and every time.
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